Past Lives & Higher Self Connection

Experience a past life and heal the present one using hypnosis. Connect with your higher self & access knowledge to help in your journey. All done from the comfort of your chair via a Zoom appointment.

We enter hypnosis up to 30 times a day naturally. It’s those moments when you find yourself staring into space, where you find yourself thinking about something obscure. It’s a healing state, where your body repairs itself 10 times quicker than even when sleeping. Your body already knows how to enter hypnosis naturally. It’s just my job to guide you through this experience.

Natural State

You may find a trauma from a past life is still affecting you in the present one. I can take you back into the experience and help you heal this trauma. Bringing healing into the present day and beyond. Like myself, you may experience life on another planet altogether.

Another part of the hypnosis session is to connect with your higher self. If you can imagine your higher self is the expert on you. It knows all the experiences you have had.

It also knows what is best for you and your journey on Earth. This information is brought back with you into your present incarnation. You may find new insights and knowledge that will start to happen in your life after this session as well.

Heal Past Trauma

The hypnosis session takes approx 1 and a half to 2 hours in total. These sessions are done via a Zoom call. So no need to leave your house. The great benefit of this method is, it does not matter where you are in the world, we can connect.

Please check out the testimonials at the bottom of the page. If you are interested in how these sessions look in real life, just take a look HERE

You Are In Total Control

While you are in a very relaxed wonderful altered state during hypnosis you are in complete control and are aware of your surroundings. All I do is facilitate this hypnotic trance state. This allows your subconscious to take over from your conscious mind. This then allows a connection to higher states where knowledge is stored. A bit like the modern-day “Cloud” but for more superior.

I will guide you to another time and another body by guiding you to access this knowledge. The past life experience can be very vivid for some, while others like myself get more of a feeling. But, the more you stay in this state in this past life the more information will come through. This knowledge with my help will come back into your waking state. This in turn is the mechanism that can bring about healing in the present life.



Once this part is done I can take you to the end of that life and look back at what you learned while being in-between lives. Maybe lessons you needed to know but you have not remembered them until now. At this point, I will deepen the hypnosis further and then take you up to be with your higher self. For me, this is the best part of the session.

Your higher self is your best friend and knows everything about you, and also knows why you came to Earth and which lessons you needed to learn. At this point, I will ask your higher self some questions which you prepared for me before the session. Just make sure these questions regard your life because don’t forget your higher self is an expert on you and nobody else. After this, I will ask you to bring this knowledge back with you. You will find in the coming hours, days and weeks further knowledge coming through. Your life will be more fulfilled and relaxed after hypnosis and it can also put new perspectives on your life on Earth.


I am offering my sessions for whatever you feel is the right amount for you to pay on this donation basis. My own spiritual awakening has led me to the conclusion that this method of taking payment is the way we should all conduct business with integrity and honesty. This way nobody loses out on the chance to explore their other’s lives as well as meet their higher self. I also include a recording of your session so you can re-listen at any time. My reasoning behind “donation only” is my belief that this is a spiritual calling and I want to make it available to as many people as possible. On the other hand, I still have to support my family and pay the bills. So I thought I would leave it up to the universe to bring some clients who can pay and others who can only afford very little.

I also include a recording of your session so you can re-listen at any time. My reasoning behind my “donation only” is my belief that this is a spiritual calling and I want to make it available to as many people as possible. Check out my availability by clicking on the blue “Schedule time with me” at the bottom right of the screen.

Victoria’s Testimonial

My hypnosis has really helped me with the physical pains I was having. When Alan took me to my higher consciousness, the reason had become clear as to why I was having these problems. Since the hypnosis, I have felt significantly better. Thank you Alan x



Rebecca’s Testimonial

I discovered Alan through my best friend. One of his videos had appeared on my friend’s timeline and he forwarded it to me. Straight away I completely resonated with Alan and his videos so I emailed him to have a past life regression session.
Alan has such great energy and I was immediately put at ease. I have never experienced anything like it. I went in not knowing what to expect as I’ve never done anything like this before but I will absolutely be having more sessions. I will also say that until about 6 months ago, I did not believe in past lives, this is certainly not the case now. I feel that this came to me at a really important time, there are no such things as coincidences!
I am recommending Alan to everyone, if you have a session with him, you won’t regret it.



Jenny’s Testimonial


“Alan was an excellent hypnotherapist and really filled me with confidence. My past life regression was amazing and so detailed. I also got very good insights from my higher self” These included information about my brother who had passed a while ago. So heartwarming to know he is still looking out for me.



Georgina’s Testimonial


I was sceptical at first when I first heard of weight loss using hypnosis. However, I have lost over 30 lbs up to now thanks to Alan’s “Lose weight while you sleep” hypnosis. I would highly recommend him. On my second hypnosis session, I decided to have a past life regression one done. I had been afraid of water and drowning all my life. However, during the regression, I realised I had not drowned in a past life. I had been buried alive and this is where the suffocation phobia had come from. After this session, I had healed that fear. Which is totally amazing.



Christina’s Testimonial

After being advised some past life healing would be good to help me heal any past pains, which is repeated in this life.
Was easy to connect as all done on zoom.
Alan put me at ease and was very supportive throughout the whole process.
The following day I felt happier and calmer.
Highly recommend it if you’re struggling with any negative, emotions or pain. Christina



Alina’s Testimonial

I was nervous before we started but Alan calmed me down. I had a good experience in my past life as a warrior Indian. These memories have stopped with me since. When Alan guided me to my higher self, that’s when it got really interesting 😆



Healing & Spiritual Counselling Service

Another service I am providing is healing which is done remotely and counselling service for people needing spiritual advice of any kind. This service will be charged on a “pay what you want” basis. Watch the video below for more information and Visit Here to Book a Session.